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From Shrinking Violet to Alpha Female

  A decade or so ago we had a bit of a “mouse situation” in our house in Connecticut. Not exactly an infestation, but they were definitely there. And they were brazenly bold little rascals, totally unintimidated by people-and too agile for traps. “We need a cat!” I announced to no one in particular. “Now!”… read more


CONFIDENCE It’s extraordinary how many people whom I work with begin our first conversation with, “The thing is, I just don’t have any confidence.  And given everything that’s going on in my life - especially my work – that’s not a good thing. How can I get it??” Here’s a fact: You don’t have to “get it.” It’s already… read more


I wrote a “motivator” similar to this a couple of years ago, but thought, all things considered, this would be a good time to reprise it. See what you think….   SOMETHING WORTH FIGHTING FOR… You’ve probably heard the story of the guy who climbs up the steep steps to the Pearly Gates to present himself to… read more