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SEMPER FIDELIS   “Always faithful”…” Those, as you no doubt know, are the watchwords – the promise and the reality – of the United States Marine Corps. I was lucky enough to attend the Corps’ 243rdbirthday celebration in New York, thanks to a dear friend, a much-decorated retired colonel and fighter attack pilot in World… read more


CELEBRATING ABUNDANCE   There are lots of things to be grateful for at Thanksgiving: You don’t have to go shopping (except for food), you don’t have to wrap gifts, (or return them), you don’t have to do a lot of decorating, (okay, pumpkins, and gourds, and maybe those dried corn husk things, but it’s no big deal.) In the end,… read more


THIN ENOUGH? DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT… Allie Kieffer isn’t. (Worrying about it, that is…or anything else, for that matter.) As you might’ve read in the NY Times Sunday Review, October 27th in a piece called, “Who Says Allie Kieffer Isn’t Thin Enough to Win?”Allie is one of the best female marathon runners in the country. But…according the the Times piece, Allie… read more


“Whatever!” I call that word the “verbal shrug.” And shrugging, whatever form you give it, is just another form of “the old cop out.”  And, boy, copping out is not what we need from ourselves (or each other) as we’re about to step into 2019… Seriously, don’t shrug. It gives the impression that you’re thinking or saying out loud one (or all)… read more