Did you ever see a tightrope walker, a trapeze artist or a mountain climber look in any direction other than where they were headed? 
Never, right?  That’s because they know that’s the surest, fastest way to lose their balance, their footing and their forward momentum (and maybe even their audience…) 
They look forward to where they’re going, not backward to where they’ve been.
But too many of us are spending too much of our precious time and what’s left of our energy, riveted on the potential problems and pitfalls – in our lives, our work and our relationships… not the possibilities. 
We kill our forward momentum by obsessing over “the million and one things” that could go wrong rather than that one brilliant game-changing, maybe even life-changing thing that could  go right. 
I spoke to one guy (we’ll call him Ron) recently who was regaling me with all the reasons he was sure that the hot new job he’d applied for was going to go to someone else (he’d even figured out who…) until I finally said, “Why are you doing this to yourself?!” 
“Because,” Ron said, “then when it happens I’ll tell myself, ‘I told you so,’ and I can be right about how life sucks.” 
“Hey,” I said, “did it ever occur to you that you might be creating your own miserable outcomes by assuming the worst all the time? People doing the hiring aren’t dumb; they’ll feel that negativity when you walk in – and yes, you’ll be “right” about not getting the job. But then what? You can have ‘I was right!’ tattooed on your forehead! Is that what you want? 
“Your interview’s tomorrow. Just for the heck of it, act like you’re precisely the right person for the job; that nobody could do it better –  and that the guy doing the hiring will see that this position has your name all over it.” 
“C’mon,” Ron said. “You’re kidding, right?”
“Nope,” I said. “Try it. And see what happens.”
Ron, to his credit, suspended his dour, negative attitude and went for it…all out. He was asked back for a second interview (and not only maintained but intensified his upbeat, optimistic demeanor) and ten days later got the the call….that he’d “gotten the nod.” 
Here’s a fact: On the whole, we get what we expect in life. So expect – and even assume - the best, okay?  
And whatever you do, look where you’re going, will you?!

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