It’s 2018 and…


When our daughter, Kate, graduated from high school, I gave her a silver tray engraved with some lines from that wonderful song written by Paul Simon and sung by Art Garfunkel, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

Even today, just looking at the lyrics or hearing the song hits me straight in the heart and reminds me of how much I love both our daughters…and how important it is to give them both “roots” and “wings.” (The “wings” of course, can be the hard part - especially when your heart wants them to stay the same age forever with your arms wrapped tightly around them…)

You know the song – and I’m sure you’ll remember the lines that I put on Kate’s tray: 

“Sail on, Silver Girl. Sail on by. 

Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way. See how they shine! 

Ah, but if you ever need a friend, I’m sailing right behind…like a bridge over troubled water I will ease your mind. ” 

They’re simple, really. And like many simple things, for me, at least, these words say it all. But for all of us, especially those of us who might  be standing in the shadows, waiting our turn, waiting for the perfect moment, waiting to be discovered or, for the, shall I say, “guts” to kick in, the time, our time, has come… to shine.

Here’s the thing: Dreams won’t wait. We have to recognize them, grab hold of them, nurture them…and be brave enough (and sometimes crazy enough) to actually believe in them. And act on them.

And keep sailing.

And if we look really, hard, we’ll discover that there’s someone –  somebody – who loves us enough to remind us of our wings…wings that haven’t been spread, wings that only need to be flexed, to be warmed up, to be stretched…to lift us to the heights we’ve only imagined… who’s sailing right behind.

This is your year…to shine. 

Sail on.


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