What’ll It Be? Playing Small…and Losing Big or Going for Broke and Changing Your Life?

What’ll It Be? Playing Small…and Losing Big


Going for Broke and Changing Your Life? 

Hey, it’s always easier not to act. Not to rock the boat. Not to push your luck. Not to risk “looking bad.” Especially when everyone’s looking. Or you think they are.

It really is. Whether you’re talking about starting a new relationship, launching a business of your own, or walking up on a stage in front of hundreds of people for the first time in your life, or embarking on a whole new career. It’s always easier to build a case for waiting, for saying to yourself, “Not yet, I’m not ready and I mean, things aren’t all that bad the way they are, right? It’d be better to wait…and  maybe  do a little more research, you know?”

So you ditch your dream. “I’ll decide later,” you say. What’s the old saying, “Not to decide is to decide”? It’s true. And hey, we all do it at one time or another.

But that doesn’t make it; it doesn’t “walk the dog,” as we say in our family. Not this year. This is still a brand spanking new year when nothing is “given” and nothing is written until you write it. In fact, you’re not only the writer, you’re the producer, director and star. No, this is the year you show up big and knock ‘em dead. And have a blast doing it.

But of course, the temptation is to do one of those exhaustive cost/benefit analyses. You know those things…they can take up endless pages, countless hours and can even cause you to get so wrapped up in why “it might not work” that you lose your passion for the possibility – the thrill –  that it will. And ditch the dream.

Where would be if Steve Jobs did that? Or Thomas Edison? Or Marie Curie?

I know a wonderful woman who, in our work together, discovered her true passion in life – the answer to the question, “If absolutely anything were possible, what would I love to make happen?”

“I want to be an entertainment lawyer,” she said. “I want to go to law school. That’s what I’ve always wanted…since I was little.” “Let’s do it,” I said.

She didn’t do a cost/benefit study. No, she just went home and announced her decision to her husband. “I’ve decided to go to law school!!” she almost shouted. “Are you nuts?!!” he said. “Do you know how old you’ll be when you graduate?!? Fifty!!”

But this marvelous woman simply paused and said quietly, “I’ll be fifty anyway.”

She graduated from law school a couple of years ago – and is now an entertainment lawyer with a topnotch firm. She’s loving it. (Oh, and her husband is extremely proud of her…and brags about her all the time.)

So next time you think about a cost/benefit analysis…Maybe think again.

And just do it.

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