Whenever I told my mom about an especially wonderful moment – with my daughters, in my work, in my life – she’d say, “Wrap your arms around it, darling!” 
She meant for me to “get it” about how good it was, to hold onto it – so I could remember it when there was a moment that wasn’t all that good. 
It didn’t have to be a life-changing moment – sometimes just being together and having a delicious dinner with our daughters, Kate and Abigail, was enough, or looking at a star-filled sky with my husband, Jim, or laughing at the antics (and adorable “naughtiness”) of a new puppy (there were many “new puppies” over the years,) or singing “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” at the tops of our lungs when we drove to Florida to see my grandmother…
I still follow my mom’s advice and wrap my arms around those “ordinary-wonderful” moments. 
There was one a few days ago. Our latest puppy, Domino, a rescue dog – part black lab, part German Shepherd (and part a whole bunch of other things; we did a search – kind of a version of “Ancestry.com, which in itself is funny…) went on a wild “tare” in the snow, rolling around and trying to catch the huge flakes in her mouth and barking in frustration when they melted before she had the chance. 
And I grinned and said what I always say, “Right now, isn’t this good? Hey, wrap your arms around it, okay?”
Okay, sometimes Kate and Abigail roll their eyes but I say it anyway…..

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