Okay, who wakes up at about 3 AM?  And that’s pretty much it for the night, right? Next thing you know it’s 7 o’clock and you haven’t even dozed off in between. 
Well, you’re not alone. In fact, research shows that millions of us are “sleep-deprived.” And we suffer from the stress, depression, mental dullness and weight gain (egad!) that afflicts exhausted people – people who are searching for something – anything – that will allow them to well, rest. Hey, you can spend $20,000 (are you kidding?) on a mattress if you like, ‘tho there’s very little evidence that it’ll do the trick. 
Here’s the thing: It’s not what you’re sleeping on – it’s what you’re concentrating on – that’s keeping you up at night. You know, all that stuff that has gone wrong – or could go wrong. 
And in the middle of the night, it seems a thousand times worse than it actually is. 
That’s why I created “The Raft.” 
Here’s how it works. I pretend I’m lying on my back on this small but sturdy raft, floating on an exceptionally beautiful river. The water is very dark but somehow very beautiful, too. 
The sky is dark, too, except for handfuls of stars and a glimpse of the moon from time to time. The only sound is the lapping of the water against the raft as it moves down the friendly river towards…what? It doesn’t matter. 
I trust the water. And I trust the raft to move me safely in the right direction. And it always does. 
My only thoughts are of the beauty of the moment, the gentle rocking of the raft and the rightness of the “journey.” I let go of everything else. 
Naturally, there’s nothing to do but fall asleep. 
So next time you wake up at the wrong time, get on the raft, okay? Don’t worry, I’ll make room for you…if I’m awake. 
Oh, and this might sound a little weird…but a good friend of mine said recently that he’d had a dream: “You were on this raft, Gail,” he said, “on a river. You seemed happy…” “I was,” I said. “Very.”

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