The innovative spirits and loving natures of “Motivator” readers never ceases to amaze me…and feel grateful to be a small part of your lives. Here’s a perfect example of how your spirits help lift up and inspire all of us.

In response to the “Motivator,” “All You Need is Love,” December 25th, 2017, Angela Cason, a regular MMM reader, wrote this marvelous note with a recommendation so brilliant that I simply had to share it with you…


“Dear Gail,

Merry Christmas to you and thank you for the pick me up each week.


In light of this post, I wanted to share with you one of the business guidelines that has stood the test of time, ‘What if I threw love at the situation?’


Whenever I have been frustrated or confused by someone’s behavior – a client, an employee — I stopped and looked at it through the lens of love.

Suddenly I could see that the defensive and hypercritical client was AFRAID. So I reassured him that we were doing everything we could to help him succeed, that I understood his fear as an entrepreneur, because I’d been there myself…and he became the nicest client we had.


Another time an employee was being distant and shutting me out of information on a shoot.  I said, “I am so glad you have all of this handled so I don’t have to worry about anything. Thank you.”  (Not surprisingly, the woman felt instantly appreciated and understood.)
“So often the scripts in our heads are NOT the scripts running in other people’s heads.  So it helps to drop the script and just throw love at it. With a thank you, with an ‘I get it.’  It breaks down defenses and opens up communication.”


Those are my tales of love.  Thanks for yours. And much success in the new year.


All the best,

Angela Cason”


What a simple, elegant, sensitive, and yes, loving thing to do! And like all truly brilliant solutions, it’s so obvious you could miss it! I mean Angela could have made it much more complicated and endlessly weighed the pro’s and con’s of myriad tactics and gnashed her teeth worrying that none of them would work.


But she didn’t. She simply followed her instincts. And rather than being annoyed at the “difficult” person, she tried to understand things from their point of view to match her “mental script” to theirs. So rather than being critical, she became loving.


I bet this tactic not only works with clients and co-workers but  spectacularly well with children, sales people and even inlaws…


I’m adopting it immediately. I hope you do, too.


When things get dicey, let’s “Drop the script and throw love at it…” Is that a deal?


Thanks a lot, Angela!

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