Some of you might’ve read an earlier “motivator” I wrote about our rascal dog, Domino. She’s “a piece of work” as we  say in Ohio…
She’ll be a year old on October 25th and has not lost one tiny bit of her crazy puppy playfulness (or naughtiness), barking and yipping just for attention, jumping onto any piece of furniture (or lap) that piques her fancy, licking a face she loves with meticulous thoroughness, snatching a succulent-looking piece of meat from someone’s dinner plate and eating it in one quick bite before anyone can say, “Domino!!! That’s NO! Do you hear me??! No!!!” 
Ah, well.
There’s no way to describe how much I Iove her. I don’t even yell at her when she leaps into bed with me and lands on my head so she can “chew” and “paw” my newly “blown” hair. Okay, I sort of mind – but not as much as when she chews up yet another umbrella that’s been left open and standing in the foyer to dry… But even that doesn’t really get me “worked up,” as we say in our family. I mean, in the end, who cares?
The thing is, she’s just so cute. (I’m chuckling as I write this…) And so affectionate and loving. She licks my face with tremendous care and thoroughness. (Seriously, it takes her at least five minutes…)
Domino’s really my daughter “Abigail’s dog.” Abigail takes her to “doggie day care,”obedience training classes, (she’s great at “sitting!”) and on runs and hikes.  The thing is, she’s not so much a “competitor” as she is a lover…she’ll stop running if she finds somebody’s hands to lick…
All this dog stuff runs in our family. We simply never didn’t have a dog. My parents got a puppy right after they were married – a wonderful scotty named Mack who lived to be sixteen years old. (The first time I ever saw my dad cry was when Mack was hit by a car and the driver didn’t stop… “He deserved better than this,” my dad whispered,  holding him…) 
My husband, Jim, and I stopped in a pet store on our way home from our honeymoon  and got a German Shepherd puppy whom we named Thai. (Jim was fluent in the Thai language thanks to his time in the Peace Corps.) 
And that was the beginning of our canine love affairs…
To say Domino is one of a kind is a gross understatement. She’s one in a million. (And “one for the books,” as my grandmother would’ve said…) 
Domino spends most of her time in Connecticut with Abigail who’s Executive Director of The Little Guild of St. Francis, an animal shelter that cares for homeless cats and…dogs, and finds them wonderful, loving, new families.  
To say that Abigail loves what she does is yet another gross understatement. (I got a million of em…)
(Hey, I bet it won’t surprise you that I’m smiling from ear to ear as I write this…) 
 “Happy Birthday, Domino, you rascal you! I love you to pieces!”

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