“ALL IS FLUX!” …Heraclitus

Boy, it sure seems that way, doesn’t? I can’t imagine that even a philosopher of  Heraclitus’ brilliance and insight could have imagined the stunningly chaotic nature of our world in our time.
It’s not that we shouldn’t expect change. In our particular country we’re born into it; we learn to thrive on it – and if we don’t find it, we create it. We are inventors and “reinventors.” Change gets our juices flowing, our brains off auto pilot and stirs our imaginations to reinvent our world, our country (when it needs it…) and ourselves.
And that’s all good.
But well, chaos is another story. It can wreak havoc with the most grounded of us. And when it morphs into constant “flux,” well, one is tempted to get into bed and cover one’s head…for the long haul. Or “The Big Sleep.”
And speaking of “flux,” somehow the Trump White House floats (blasts? lurches? how ’bout, “careens”?) to mind. One expects the roof to blow off any minute, ignited from within by sparks of frustration that all the fire extinguishers on Pennsylvania Avenue can’t even dampen.
So what do we do? Shrugging won’t do the trick. And although it’s tried on a daily (hourly?) basis, swearing, although cathartic, doesn’t walk the dog.
There’s only one thing that will do it. Yup, you guessed it:
Scientists and even doctors remind us that laughter is a wonderfully powerful force; that when we laugh, (and I don’t mean a little giggle; I mean a full-throated guffaw,  if you’re game for it,) our bodies “release” endorphins and dopamine (I can see the little buggers squirting out of our pores…) which are good ol’ Mother Nature’s “feel-good” chemicals. The result? We’re a whole lot better at coping with stress; we rediscover hope, (not to mention our senses of humor), and we look at “problems” as momentary glitches in an otherwise good life…
So what’s a little “Flux” among friends??
Keep on laughing, ok?


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