“I betcha Spring is best this year

 Better than she’s ever been

Or tried to be…

Like warmer and wearing a great big grin


And full of gin….and tonic.


 I betcha she comes swingin’ in

 Takes a bow, does a spin,

 Then holds her pose and waits…


For the applause


So raise your glass, 

Give her a cheer

 (Okay, she was late but she made it here!)

 Then maybe she’ll come sooner


Like, next year…”

I wrote this little poem when I lived in Washington. I was about 24 years old.

I had a job I really liked writing motivational radio spots for the famous retired football coach of the Oklahoma Sooners, Bud Wilkinson, (who’d become head of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness.) And I was dating a cute guy who wrote speeches for Sargent Schriver, head of the Peace Corps.

And it was spring…

I expected nothing but the best from a DC spring. And it was…gorgeous. But that was way before I met our spring - this spring – the spring who came so late we’d almost given up on her. And from what I know about people, especially women (myself included) is that positive reinforcement works. So right as we are, about how wrong she was to come so late - we’ve got to make a big fuss about the fact that she showed up at all… 

So when we walk outside on that first gorgeous, warm, soft morning (maybe today)…lets reach out our arms out and say out loud,

“Just in time, kiddo! Thanks for showing up….”

Because there are a lot of springs in our futures and we’ve got to take ‘em as they come: late/early, long/short, wet/dry, hot/cold – and somehow make ‘em totally fabulous.

“Like warmer and wearing a great big grin…and full of gin and tonic.”

I mean, why not?

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