Grab Hold, Be Bold, Act Now…

Grab Hold, Be Bold, Act Now…

This is a time of tremendous uncertainty and anxiety around the world and in our own backyards. There’s a lot of eye-rolling, shrugging and those funny sounds we make – sort of a cross between a sigh and a “tsk,tsk, accompanied by turning the palms of the hands out as if to say, “What’re ya gonna do?”

Okay, it’s definitely tempting to hunker down and wait for an “easier,” less stressful, less chaotic, less, well, treacherous time to simply fold our arms and wait to see how it’s all going to turn out. Or maybe to “inch forward” carefully with our lives – at least for now.

I mean, “being bold” almost seems fool hearty. “Not me, not here, not now” would be a more prudent position to take.

Actually, I know a guy who’s adopted that philosophy for pretty much his whole life.  Oh, he’s gotten by. He hasn’t had any major disasters or disappointments. He hasn’t ever even made a fool of himself or crawled out on a limb that someone, jealous of his possible success, cut off. I mean, he’s never really “lost.”

It’s just that he’s never really “won.” He’s never been thrilled. Or “spent himself in a worthy cause,” as Teddy Roosevelt put it. I mean, he’s not “unhappy.” He’s just not “happy.” And I guess that’s okay.

Or is it?

What will he say when he runs into St. Peter who will inevitably ask him, “So! How’d it go?!” He’ll probably say, “Okay.”

Here’s the thing: “prudence” and “inching” rarely walk the dog or win the day. “Prudence” is best friends with the “status quo” which is the sure fire road to stagnation.” The status quo” doesn’t envision, create or build.

And “inching” is the slow but steady path to extinction.

“Now” may be tough but it’s not the time to demote ourselves to “onlookers.”

It is the time to get the juice back into our lives. To go out on the limb. To spot the idea, the possibility, the crazy, hot, “God, if we could get this to workare you kidding?!” concept that would blow the lid off anything we’ve done before.

Actually, I know an unstoppable team of people who are growing just such an idea – and with all its fits and starts, all the naysayers and cheek clickers, the smirkers and eye rollers, it’s working. Yes, the road ahead will be dicey. But for sure, it will be a tremendous thrill. And unforgettable.

So what about us? If we’re not feeling the “kick” in life we have to make it up. We have to create it, design it, and nurse it into reality.  If we’re dulled out by the same old, same old, we have to invent the new.

Because as I’m so fond of saying, this is our life we’re talking about, not some movie we’re watching. And we’re the writers, producers and stars, for heaven’s sake!

And speaking of heaven, when any one of us steps up to that Pearly Gate and you- know-who pops the big question, “So, how was it?!” We’re going to say, “Are you kidding???”

But we’ve got to Grab Hold, Be Bold…and ACT NOW.

Remember what the poet, Goethe , wrote, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has beauty, power and magic to it. Begin it now.”

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