August 9, 2006……August 23, 2017
No creature ever loved more fully, more selflessly, less judgmentally – without saving it up for a rainy day, or waiting for proof that the person she loved was “good” – or “worthy” or would love her back, than our Golden Retriever, Willa. She just plunged in and loved with her whole big heart. Every single day of her eleven years…
And there was absolutely no one who didn’t love her right back.
If she knew (and she always knew) how I feel right now – how we all feel – at the thought of living without her for even a day, she’d come right over and start licking our hands. That’s what she always did when she thought I – or any one of us – was sad or upset. Actually, I can feel her licking my hands now as I write this…
“Thank you, Willa!”
You might remember that I wrote about my husband, Jim, when he died nearly two years ago, that we would never lose him. And we haven’t. And we’ll never lose Willa.
Actually, I can just see Willa right this minute sprawled across Jim’s lap, licking his hands (and his whole face) and wagging her tail to tell him – and all the rest of us – that nothing is ever lost…that love this good stays.
I’ve included links below two of my favorite “Willa Motivators:” “Love is a Dog Named Willa…” and “You Got Me, Babe” along with some of my favorite pictures of her.
“Hey Willa, you still got me, Babe, okay? And I know for sure I’ve still got you…”

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