I’ve had some pretty interesting conversations lately with people who want to “do more” for friends of theirs who are having a tough time and could use a lift – or who are just plain feeling bad about themselves for myriad reasons. It could be a problem with a relationship (or a problem of having no relationship.) Or it could be their feeling that the “best days are over,” as one guy put it, or that “It’s just getting too hard,” as a woman told me yesterday, “Everything is bleak.”
Well, the weather didn’t help. It seems like Winter was a little too comfortable buried in the snow and forgot that his turn was up weeks ago. And of course, Spring, who’s known for taking her good ol’ time, completely forgot to set her wake-up call. (Although, to be fair, tiny pink, yellow and purple things are finally showing their lovely, sleepy faces…)
But how do we help “heal” our friends now? How do we persuade them that believe it or not, the best really is yet to come – and that all they need to do is muster the energy to put their arms out…
Well, first we have to reach inside ourselves - and remember the tough times we’ve been through and how we came close to throwing in the towel…but didn’t. We need to get back in touch with what powered us to put one foot in front of the other…again. What enabled us to move forward or what someone said to us to give us hope and more than hope, faith.
And then and only then, after we’ve listened hard to their story, we can tell them about ours. We can recount the times we lost – the race, the job, the boyfriend, the chance to prove we were so much better than “they” thought. And “did it…” 
Or lost a person more dear to us than mere words could ever describe. But kept on going.
And after we’ve told our stories, we can wrap our arms tightly around our friend and say, “We’ll be okay. We’ll be more than okay. We’ll be great. We’ve got us.”
Reach in. Reach out.
“The essence of life is moving forward.” - Agatha Christie

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