What better time is there than a brand new, never been touched, it’s all up for grabs, yours for the taking New Year to decide how good you could make it… your work, your life – the full monty. But we’re going to do more than simply decide; we’re going to be resolute. Webster defines being resolute as “being faithful to a promise.” In this case, the promise is to ourselves. Here are a few of my “resolutions” for 2019. Maybe some of them will spark the “resolve” in you…
1. I will assume the best case scenario in every situation – even when someone hasn’t answered my email, returned my call… or looks at me kind of funny…
2. I will let go of “already knowing” and become an “adventurer.” I will look at myself, my work, the people I love and the world in general with “new eyes” – every day.
3. I will press my “mental delete button” when I wake up at 3 AM and start worrying about the stuff I haven’t done – the stuff I could’ve done differently, and the stuff I could mess up…and sleep like a baby. (Hey, you think Cher ever walked out on any stage and said to herself, “I hope this isn’t the time I mess up…”? Hah!)
4. I will assume the absolute best intentions in people, anticipate that they will deliver on them and let them know how much I appreciate them.
5. I will not become exhausted by the mere thought of all the things I have to do; I will imagine myself actually taking energy from and thriving on “the doing” of them.
6. I will not analyze things, people and situations to death. I will trust my instincts – and act…with optimism.
7. I will remind myself when the things I’m attempting seem especially hard that it’s okay, they’re supposed to be hard. If they weren’t hard, someone would have already done them…and as Tom Hanks said in A League of Their Own, “It’s the hard that makes them great…”
8. I will remember – on the inevitable occasions when somebody doesn’t buy my “act” – that the only thing that everyone likes is water  (as my mom said) and the wonderful advertising mantra: if enough people love ya, the ones who don’t, don’t matter.
9. I will wrap my arms around the really good moments - little ones, big ones – and say out loud, “Hey, right now…isn’t this good? Aren’t we lucky?”
10. I will choose to be happy. No matter what.


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