There’s nothing more thrilling than believing, no actually knowing, that you are exactly the right person to be walking into the room, up to the microphone, into the interview or onto the stage to make the pitch, ask for the order and yes, nail the sale.
Once you know it, once you own it, once you’ve got “It’s mine!” (or “It’s ours!”) in your gut and coming out of your pores…It – the prize – is yours. 
And why wouldn’t it be? We’ve all experienced at one time or other the incredible power of conviction. Whether we’re stepping onto the field, up to the plate or into the ring – whatever form that might take – and an almost supernatural power takes over – and our job is to get out of our own way…
And that’s the trick: Getting out of our way. Sometimes it’s almost like we self-sabotage by saying out loud, “Hey, sport, let’s not get carried away! I mean you’re good but not that good.”  (Did your mom ever say that? A well-meaning friend of mine’s mom did…) And bingo! As if by design, you trip over your own feet.
But those days are over. 
Here’s what you do: You take a look backwards and remind yourself of your finest moment. Okay, not the time you cured world hunger, but the time you fell down and got back up again. And okay, you didn’t “win”…but you finished the “race.”
I call these “defining moments.” We’ve all got them. Dig them out. Uncover them. Dust them off. Wrap your arms around them. When you have trouble sleeping, curl up with them in bed…
And you’ll discover that you have everything you need, including…the courage of your convictions.


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