Do those words sound familiar? They should. Guess who says them…over and over and over. (And over…) 
Yup, you guessed it! It’s our forty-fifth president of the United States! 
And he says them when he’s talking about everything Syria to Senegal to Stormy Daniels…
“We’ll have to wait and see.” Wait for what? See what? How it all turns out? 
Who’s going to make it turn out? Who’s going to make it happen? Who’s going to decide how it’s going to go?
And will it be good? Whose idea of good? The President’s?
Or ours.
Okay, it’s not that bleak. We have us. We have our passion, our commitment, our integrity…and our evolving vision of what good could look like in this country.
If there ever were a time to become involved, to take a stand, to energize each other to make a positive difference, however big or small, it’s now.
And lately, we’ve shown our stuff. We’ve marched. We’ve made and carried signs. We’ve written letters and formed organizations. We’ve said what we believe. We’ve acted on those beliefs. 
We haven’t “waited to see what happens.” 
We make things happen. Good things. Game-changing things. Life-changing things.
Don’t “wait and see.”
Do it. In your life. In your work. In your family.
Oh, and if you want to know what “waiting and seeing” looks like, this is it…

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