I call that word the “verbal shrug.” And shrugging, whatever form you give it, is just another form of “the old cop out.” 
And, boy, copping out is not what we need from ourselves (or each other) as we’re about to step into 2019…
Seriously, don’t shrug. It gives the impression that you’re thinking or saying out loud one (or all) of the following:
- “What’s the difference??”
- “What am gonna do about it?!”
- “It’s out of my hands.”
- “Who cares, anyway?”
- Or, what may be one of the worst…“So what?”
The thing is, “whatever” sounds like you’re sick of talking about “it” and you want to move on (or give up) which brings us back to… 
The Shrug.” I dislike that gesture more than any other. (And given the plethora of uh,”gestures” out there that’s saying a lot.)
Resignation means you’re okay with life living you. If fact, it probably already is. 
And that’s just not good enough – not for you. Not now, not later, not ever.
You – We’ve – got to take a stand, got to have a point of view, got to express it, stand for it – maybe even fight for it. And help other people stand for – and fight for – theirs.
Here’s the bottom line: We’re too smart, too informed, too capable and too necessary to the world to play small. 
Let’s be there. With all flags flying. And replace “Whatever” with “Here’s what I think we should do…”
And then do it.


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