I hear this all the time from people whom I coach (and okay, sometimes even from myself…) and the sentence always ends with something negative, like…
“…they change their minds and don’t promote me after all?” 
“…it turns out that they don’t have the budget for it?” 
“…he turns out to be another loser like my last boyfriend?”
“…this is the time I mess up?”
“…my wife says she doesn’t want to move even ‘tho the job has my name all over it?”
“…we don’t win this game and lose the Championship?”
It’s amazing but those are the kinds of things we say to ourselves – words that sap our confidence, wreak havoc with our optimism, drain our energy and turn a terrific possibility – even an almost sure bet – into a negative “yeah, but what if…” scenario. 
Why do we insist on looking at the “worst case” even when things actually seem to be moving in our direction? 
Well, maybe it’s because we’re afraid of getting our hopes up and then having them dashed. Or because we’re so blinded by the “bad stuff” from the past that we can’t see the “good stuff” in the present. 
Whatever the reason, let’s not fall for it. Self-sabotage is for dummies. Let’s not insist on opening up the umbrella when the sun is finally emerging from the clouds. 
Let’s go with the ‘good stuff,” anticipate the best possible outcome and let our unstoppable energy carry us to the finish line.
I mean, why wait to be happy when you can be happy now?! 
So catch yourself just as you’re about to complete the “What if…” scenario with the worst possible outcome and end that sentence with something hot like…
“this turns out to be a game-changer!” or…
“this is when I hit it out of the park!” or…
“the right guy is gonna show up…tonight!”
Hey, what if…all that positive energy you exude actually turns the tables in your favor?  
Stranger things have happened. Do it.
Be happy now. 


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