It was pouring down rain and I needed a cab. Badly. I spotted one wheeling around the corner of Madison and 56th Street, but he didn’t see me. So I did what I always do: I whistled. Oh, I don’t mean some mealy-mouthed, lady-like, baby-doll kind of whistle; I mean an ear-piercing, glass-breaking, thumb-and-second-finger-in-your-mouth kind of whistle that can stop a NYC cab from five blocks away. Even in the rain.
It’s my best thing. Okay, there’s not all that much call for it, and so far no money in it, but I’m great at it.
The driver screeched to a halt and said, “Wow, was that you who whistled?!” “Yup,” I said, grinning. “It’s my best thing.”
Hey, everybody has some sort of “best thing,” including you!  You know, something  that when you “do it,” you knock it out of the park. Something you think you  do really, really well (usually having nothing to do with what you do for a living, btw) and get a big kick out of.
Our younger daughter, Abigail, said her best thing is being master of the really fast, really funny retort. (She is.) Our older daughter, Kate, said hers is “getting it” about people – separating what they actually mean from what they say. (She does.) My late husband, Jim, always said his wascreating unbelievable, unforgettable meals out of tired, forgettable leftovers. And boy, was he great at it! (And Kate and Abigail have deliciously followed in his footsteps…)
So what’s yours? What’s that thing that you do that you know you can nail every time? Something ridiculous, something even outrageous – or just something you love doing? You know: that thing that makes you laugh out loud when you do it. Unless you’re in some serious mood or meeting, but even then…
A crazy friend of mine does a little dance-like jump with a twist in the middle and lands on the floor with her arms stretched out, claps her hands and shouts a big “Yeah, baby!!” at the end. (And sometimes she does it at the end of a serious meeting, too…) People love it. But she’d do it whether they loved it or not – because she loves it.
We’ve got more than enough heavy-serious stuff; what we need is more crazy-wonderful stuff. And I have no doubt that you’re somebody who can help provide it. And you’ll feel like a million bucks when you do.
So whatever that ‘thing” of yours is,  do it this week. And get a kick out of it, okay? Let ‘er rip. Laugh out loud. Clap your hands…even if you’re the only one who hears it.
It all counts.
Oh, and if you need a cab, I’m there…

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