It’s true, you are. Didn’t you know? Let me be specific…
You’re the one who’s there when people need you without they’re ever asking.
You’re the one to takes care without needing to take charge.
You’re the one who stands for the greater good even if it doesn’t serve your particular needs.
You’re the one who speaks up and speaks out even if  some people might boo or roll their eyes.
You’re the one who risks failing to acquire learning.
You’re the one who loves wholeheartedly even if it’s only returned halfheartedly.
You’re the one who never fails to build people up when others take pride and pleasure in tearing them down.
You’re the one who gets out on the dance floor and dances like crazy even if no one joins you.
You’re the one who celebrates the few steps you’ve taken forward even if you come in last.
You’re the one who does your ear-piercing, thumb and middle finger whistle when your team scores the tying run even if your daughter turns red and rolls her eyes.
You’re the one who smiles and winks at a kid you don’t even know who  walks onto the stage to play his first public violin solo.
You’re the one who thinks it’s okay to get a little bit crazy, to not be perfect, but who’s 100% yourself.
You’re the one who knows you’ve got one shot to “put it out there” in this particular life and don’t give it the “old college try” but every single thing you’re got. 
…Every single thing.
Why not? You’re the one.
“What made John McCain so special was his optimism” -Joe Biden

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