Leadership & Personal Development Workshops

The theme, “How Good Could You Make It?” plays through all Lifedesigns’ workshops, both corporate and personal – whether the focus is on increasing the energy, optimism, innovative spirit and effectiveness of a company’s most valued individuals – or simply enabling good people to come together in the spirit of collaboration and support each other as they design lives and careers that both thrill and fulfill them.

All our personal development workshops and leadership workshops are customized to meet the needs of a particular audience but all include the following steps:


The 6 ½ Steps

1. Tap into the incredible power of a vision.

2. Let go.

3. Make a list of the “Defining Moments” in your life and your work.

4. Adopt an entrepreneurial spirit.

5. Develop your own personal brand.

6. Learn to distinguish between “fact and interpretation” in your life and your work.

6 ½.  Find your song and sing it.

My promise to you as a motivational workshop participant is that you will emerge – whether from a half day, one day or two day workshop, whether with colleagues whom you work with or individuals you’ve met for the first time – with a renewed sense of purpose in your life, a vision of what drop-dead good would look like, a determination to continuously “let go” of anything that would weigh you down, hold you back or curb your enthusiasm, (including your own self- imposed “straight jacket) the courage and will to move forward regardless of the “odds”…and an airtight step-by-step plan to bring your vision to life. And just as importantly, you won’t be alone. You’ll have the affection and guidance of all your fellow participants…from this moment on.

So how good could you make it? As good as you can imagine it!